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From The Desk Of Ricky Haggerty
Houston, Texas.

Dear Traders,

If you want to start making significant profits on a consistent basis and literally begin to live a life of abundance on your own terms, finding a mentor will be the best investment you can ever make into your trading career.

Here is why: My name is Ricky Haggerty and three short years ago I moved to Houston, Texas as an inexperienced aspiring full time trader and entrepreneur. There I was with less than $100 in my bank account after scraping my last bit of funds to pay rent. I immediately had to start driving Uber.

I was exhaustingly "grinding" day in and day out hustling to make this move to Houston work for me. I even joined this trading company and used Uber to try and "network" my way to top ranks.

To my surprise, it actually started to work… Until I realized how hard it was to build a team and keep bringing in new customers (aka "business partners") consistently. Let alone, having to convince those customers to bring in their friends and family as well.

I was soo frustrated! One month I would hit rank and the next month I would have to rebuild legs because some people quit. But I knew there was more than one way to make money in that opportunity. I mean after all… it was a 'TRADING' company.

Here's what I didn't see coming though…

After being in Houston about six months I would get evicted. And two months after eviction I had my car repossessed. I was devastated and depressed because I thought I would have to return home to mom a failure.

With business going stagnant, I lost all of my residual income because I wasn't making any money trading and I literally had no team anymore. I had nothing else to lose but I definitely had everything to gain.

It was then where I "made a decision" to invest in myself by finding a mentor and learning how to trade independently so that I wouldn't have to rely solely on someone subscribing to that company's products and services in order for me to pay bills. But to actually be able to pay my bills with the SKILLSET I would obtain becoming an independent Trader.

A lot of people thought I was "crazy" moving to Houston without a Job. And to that effect, I struggled mightily.

But with God, all things are possible to those who BELIEVE. I believed in myself enough that this dream would come to pass and after a tone of failures and blown accounts, not only did I find a mentor, I became one.

I created FOREX UNIVERSITY where we teach aspiring traders to 'see things differently'.

After a lot of long days, sleepless nights and great amounts of trial and error I eventually found a system that worked for me and now I teach that duplicatable system to investors all over the world. The best part about this system is… It's actually 'Hidden In Plain Site'.

Our investors have used this system to generate 
Situation Changing Income
in short amounts of time. FXU has brand new investors coming into this industry seeing 'RADICAL' results and increasing levels of understanding at rapid pace IN THEIR FIRST YEAR!...

See for yourself!


Here's a testimonial from a young couple in Trinidad.

Meet Rachel, the wife! She has the determination of a lion!


You see...

Here at FXU, we teach you to become SELF SUFFICIENT traders. You don't need to join a team or bring in your friends and family to make money off of them. You can be a walking ATM all by yourself.

Using our framework students have been able to...
  • Conquer negative limiting beliefs that you need a lot of money to trade on this market... (Many students have grown their accounts with under $50 multiple times.)
  • Make full time income in a part time -- time frame... (In fact, as you can see from the screenshots above, some students are doing what they would make in a week; in a day!)
  • ​Righteously believe bigger & better things about themselves and the type of future they can have now that a new door has been made available to them... (Once students get a taste of the amounts of money that can be made in a day, week, month's time frame. They start acting a little different lol.)
  • ​Finally doubt their doubts about this industry being a "SCAM"... (So many people Still are Confused About Money)
I may be biased but...

I personally don't believe I am meant to work a JOB for someone else for the rest of my life. Maybe you would agree to that effect yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a new day and age. Technology is constantly advancing, people are getting laid off or excuse me, the term is "furloughed". You guys already know the time that we are living in with all the testing and vaccinations going on. It just get's very stressful with what all can go on IN LESS THAN A YEAR of time.

I think more people are coming to their senses now and would agree that you need more than one income stream to comfortably thrive in today's economy.

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock and just have missed it, there are millionaires being made every single day (from home). Question is... ARE YOU GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM?

While the world shuts down and some people get discharged from jobs they've been at for 10+ years, some of us are traveling the world (social distancing of course), having first time experiences, eating luxury foods, staying in nice Air B n B's, you name it.

You could do it too. You just have to BELIEVE that you can.

I struggled for YEARS trying to get to a level of consistency in this industry. I been through it all! And I am here to tell you all that YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT I DID.

I made all the mistakes for you.

By taking advantage of this deal today, you can shortcut your learning curve and get the head-start many people wish they had when they started.

Bonuses Are Included!

In Detail, You Get

  • Instant Access: Self Paced Course of How to Quickly Analyze the Charts and Find The Best Set Ups (Pre-Recorded Videos) - $1497 Value
  • Instant Access: Private Trade Community of New & Experienced Traders Like Yourself Via The 'Discord' App - $997 Value
  • Instant Access: Weekly Chart Break Downs and Analysis (signals) - $297 Value
  • Bonus #1: Monthly Group Webinars - $197 Value
  • Bonus #2: Daily Trade Set Ups - $97 Value
  • And So Much More...
THAT'S OVER $3,085 Of Pure Value And You Can Get It TODAY For Just $147


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